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DFA members will gain access to a network of related industry bodies and other documentary filmmakers, both established and aspiring. The DFA will also act on behalf of the interests of documentary filmmakers as a collective. This will include training and development, local and international broadcast and distribution, local audience development, gaining knowledge of global audiences, promoting proper audience research, job creation and administrative, contractual, intellectual property and financing advice. Members are eligible for several benefits from suppliers and other bodies. All Members are listed in the members directory on the website.


Documentary filmmakers and aspirant documentary filmmakers are eligible to become members of the DFA provided they agree with the core objectives of the association and the standard Code of Conduct the association may promulgate from time to time. Full members must be individual documentary filmmakers as no companies may join as members. Full membership may be subject to review by a membership committee. Such members have one vote each at AGMs and other special meetings.


Any individual, organisation, society, company, close corporation or similar body that works in conjunction with documentary filmmaking may join as an affiliate member. These members will have no voting rights, but will receive all the correspondence from the organisation and may make presentations to the members at an AGM or other general meetings.


From time to time qualifying individuals will be invited to join as honorary members as a tribute to their contribution to documentary filmmaking.

Membership Terms and Notes:

  • By being a DFA member you agree to abide by the DFA’s constitution.
  • Membership renewal fees will be invoiced annually to all members by the incoming board.
  • Membership will fall due immediately after the year to continue to qualify as a member of the organisation.
  • If a member enjoyed a BURSARY  membership in the previous year, they will need to re-apply for a BURSARY for the following year via the same form or pay for membership.
  • We publish members’ website details on the DFA website, but we do not publish your telephone numbers.
  • The DFA is VAT and TAX exempt due to its NPO status, but you may claim certain NPO contributions in your tax.

Annual Membership Fees

  • Student Member
  • R200annual
  • Individual Membership for bona fide documentary filmmakers or aspirant documentary filmmakers. Have one vote each as long as they are paid up members.







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  • Full Member
  • R350annual
  • Individual Membership for bona fide documentary filmmakers or aspirant documentary filmmakers. Have one vote each as long as they are paid up members.







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  • Affiliate Member
  • R1200annual
  • Companies, individuals, societies or similar who work with the documentary filmmaking industry and wish to support the DFA’s objectives. Do not have voting rights, but enjoy a company logo on the DFA website. We will contact you for your company logo and extra two e-mails so you may receive our mailers.


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Membership is valid from day of payment, for one year to the day, and then you will be invoiced for renewal for another year. If you can’t afford the renewal, please let us know at the time  of us sending you the invoice and let’s try make an arrangement. Write to our Treasurer on