GENERATION AFRICA is a documentary film project to produce a new narrative on migration through stories made by African filmmakers. Whether on the move or at home the spotlight is on this generation of young Africans and how they see their future.

The call. If You are from Africa. If You have an idea. If You want to shift the narrative of migration – be with, when the African narrative is created. First workshop in Accra. Spread the word if it is not to You.

We are looking for your ideas for stories. Stories which are unpredictable, touching, moving, revolutionary, and challenging. The films should show action and achievements rather than complaints and hopelessness. Stories people in Africa would want to see: to laugh, to think, to act, to sing, and – to disagree.

We will invite 12 – 15 filmmakers to three workshops. Five internationally awarded professionals will work as mentors. Filmmakers who participate must be African. We are expecting submissions from filmmakers who have already made one or two documentary films that have been screened at film festivals and/or on broadcast platforms.

The films can be of any length – from feature length to one-hour films, mid-length, half-hours, or shorts of five minutes. The geographical focus for the films is West and East Africa, but it does not exclude Central, North and Southern Africa. It all depends on the story.

The deadline for East Africa Submissions is the 8TH OF OCTOBER. With finalists being contacted on the 11TH OF OCTOBER. The story development workshop for East Africa takes place on 5-9 November in Nairobi.

All submissions should be sent to:
You need to send in one to three proposals. They can even be an idea presented on one page. If you have already shot material or if you have longer treatments, they are most welcome. Please include a CV or film biography and links to previous work. For enquiries, please contact Tiny Mungwe:

Generation Africa is brought to you by STEPS – a Non-Profit organisation, passionate about the power of documentaries to disrupt, shift & move the world around us, and AFRIDOCS – the uniquely bold and exciting platform exclusively for Africa, bringing the best African and international documentaries to audiences anywhere in Africa.

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