Day 3 of The Business Model Canvas Workshop

Day 3 of The Business Model Canvas Workshop

The third and final day of the Business Model Canvas workshop started off with twelve filmmakers, this time with a much stronger emphasis on documentary feature projects. The filmmakers were drawn primarily from KZN, and thre trainers, consisting of Nisha Naidoo, Jane Thandi Lipman and Michael Lee, put them through the paces right from the start with a dynamic ice-breaker exercise that saw the filmmakers breaking into groups and creating new businesses based on existing businesses.

After this, the participants broke up into four groups around the four canvasses, each supported by a trainer. Each team was staked with taking one of the projects and translating them into an understandable business model and presenting them to the group, while at the same time refining their business models further. Each group then had to undertake the stretch goal exercise and then field questions from the rest of the group.

Each participant got to map out their various projects onto the campus, and at the end of the session, the trainers and the participants made their way to the beach to have a photo taken next to a Business Model Sand Castle that had been specially made to mark the occasion.

The participants were absolutely fascinated by the session, and several of them expressed an interest in purchasing the companion book and attending further training sessions to get a better understanding of the tool. The photo by the beach was a great success, as evidenced the bright and smiling faces in the photo.

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