Day 2 of The Business Model Canvas Workshop

Day 2 of The Business Model Canvas Workshop

Thirteen eager filmmakers congregated early in the morning in the Congella Room of the Maharani hotel for the first workshop around the business model canvas. The session opened with an introduction by Orla Garriques, in which she explained the principles behind the tool and gave some real-life case studies. She was supported by fellow trainers Tina-Louise Smith, David Max Brown, Erica Shaw and Fidel Namisi.


Half of the participants had signed up some months before the workshop, and the rest had signed up two days before the workshop. The participants then broke up into groups to get to grips with the tool by participating in an ice-breaker exercise which also got them working together as a team, throwing out ideas onto the board and sharing with each other in their respective groups. In a short time, each group had already appointed a group leader to present their exercise to the rest of the group.


The next exercise involved some of the participants plotting out their projects onto the canvasses, thereby visually displaying their project as a business model. They then presented their projects to the group and fielded questions, before proceeding to a stretch-goal exercise in which they were each tasked with pushing their projects to the next level of profitability. The afternoon session saw the roles reversed, with the other group participants getting a chance to translate their projects into business models, present them to the group and stretch them even further.

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