BMC Workshops Day 2

BMC Workshops Day 2

The Business Model Canvas workshop is getting a buzz here in Durban. It’s a clever way to rethink your business. I’m really enjoying it! JANE LIPMAN

Day two of the Business Model Canvas workshops got underway at the Maharani Hotel in Durban today. Our six trainers were joined by nine further participants with the goal of understanding and enhancing their business models for their respective projects.

As on the first day, the ice breaker activity was the Yellow Pages exercise. This exercise is designed to 1. get participants off their bums, and 2. have participants come up with a business model for a spanking new business that has absolutely nothing to do with film, or their individual projects.

Each group selects two adverts from a pile and then combines elements from each for a new business idea. Once the group has the new business idea, they develop the business model for that business.

This is a fun activity that demonstrates to participants that it is possible to develop a business model in 5 to 10 minutes.

The rest of the day, participants had the chance to focus on and develop business models for individual projects.

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